In Progress  - SAS Institute Inc
Senior Director CRM R&D
Version 2.1 of the Institute's Enterprise Market Automation solution is currently under development. Delivery in the near future. This release extends the capabilities of the institute's offering from purely analytical to applied analytics by including campaign management capabilities, data warehousing capabilities, and integrating the technologies with Enterprise Miner.  


2000 - SAS Institute Inc
Senior Director Computer Graphics Division
Continued to refine the client & server architectures..


1999 - SAS Institute Inc
Senior Director Computer Graphics Division
We had 2 major pushes underway with this release. One to fully enable our graphics server technology. In order to do this developed an XML chart standard and enhanced our visualization components and server side graphics generation technology to generate and consume this XML definition. Made this a defining standard for both ActiveX, Java, and server side rendered graphics.
Our second initiative was to take the interactive components we had released experimental with V7 and integrate them into 2 of the institute's newest offerings.... a windows client centric reporting product and a windows centric SAS development environment (Enterprise Guide).. SUGI paper with illustrations  "Enterprise Guide (white paper)"

At the conclusion of this release we had achieved our goal of deeply entrenching the SAS/GRAPH product as a core architecture in both the mature server side graphic arena, the server side web graphics arena and the emerging client side interactive graphics application arena.  The following  SUGI25 paper by a member of my team covers several products utilizing a small portion of  our  interactive graphics technologies  "Graphs-in-a-Minute" 

In the area of SAS/GIS we web enabled the current product, but diverted most of resources away from visualization and shifted our focus toward understanding, handling, and analyzing spatial data. 


1998 - SAS Institute Inc
Senior Director Computer Graphics Division
Significant completion bonus for bring this release in on time with tested features. This was a strategic release for the institute. Development spent a great deal of effort reworking the underlying architecture to remove limitations that were tied to many years old technology... such as 8 character limits on names. We also primed the core components for moving to a multithreaded and DBCS architecture by reworking the resource tracking strategy and string handling.
 In addition to these global initiatives we saw the opportunity in our area to position our traditionally batch oriented graphics capabilities in a new light as a graphics web server. We had a good foundation of portable server side technology which already produced GIF files. We went back into this area and beefed it up with more 3D business graphs to complement the 3D analytic graphics which the product already had.  And  added the ability to generate web charts with data driven image maps so that customers could drill into a bar and see related information.

Although not a major publicized event... shipped an experimental release  of the ActiveX graphics controls. This made them available to internal application writers via Javascript, C++, and SAS language interfaces.. 


1997 - SAS Institute Inc
Senior Director Computer Graphics Division

Released a GIS component for use with SAS/AF (SAS proprietary applications development environment). 

Began evaluation and exploration into MFC & OpenGL based graphics charting subsystem for use by anticipated client application the institute would write in the future.


1996 - SAS Institute Inc
Director Computer Graphics Division
Increased complement of business graphics. Introduced an experimental version of Graph-N-Go aimed at making simple graphics quickly. 


1995 - SAS Institute Inc
Director Computer Graphics Division

Went from prototype to production with the first release of SAS/GIS. (Product Screen Shot)

 Added image capabilities to the server side graphics subsystems.


1994 - SAS Institute Inc
Product Manager Computer Graphics Division

Introduced significant new charting capabilities to the graphics components we shipped with SAS/AF (SAS propriety portable applications development environment)


1993 - SAS Institute Inc
Product Manager Computer Graphics Division


1992 - SAS Institute Inc
Product Manager Computer Graphics Division

Added SPEEDO scalable font technology to server side graphics subsystems. Increased complement of server side business graphics. Integrated server side graphics into SAS/AF product. 


1991 - SAS Institute Inc
Component Developer. 

Introduced first "interactive" component to the SAS/GRAPH product...a portable graphic editor capability. 


1989 - SAS Institute Inc
Lead Programmer

Added a full screen keyboard remapping facility that drew a graphic representation of the keyboard as a reference for defining short cuts and macros. This work was in an environment that predated MFC and microsoft windows. 


1987 - SAS Institute Inc
Lead Programmer